Me at 30

Last year I turned 30, took the afternoon off of work to celebrate only to find myself with my camera taking photos to capture this oh-so-great-once-in-a-lifetime moment. Almost a year on from that, I found the folder of photos during a winter-clean-up session and thought it would be fun to do a little time lapse video. Forward a few hours, a flight and an afternoon spent selecting the perfect music for this at a pub, here is the result.

It is not perfect, as I am no video editing whizz, but it sure captures the day and feeling perfectly. I was (and am!) perfectly content with being 30 and mildly excited with what was to come (and still am). I think the biggest achievement over the last year was to be more confident in what I want to do and believe in what is right for me to do, care less of what others think and just bloody get on with it. Not sure why it took turning 30 to realise this; I guess it is just one of those milestones and it just clicked.

So here we are, I am about to turn 31, but in my head I am going to keep on to that “30-feeling” for a little while longer for reasons I will explain in another blog post.



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