Travel planning – the packing list

travel planning - the packing list

We’re in the middle of getting a lot of little things done and sorted, such as vaccinations and our packing list. We brainstormed what we knew from previous trips backpacking and hiking, got our friends’ packing list sent over and researched a little. I think most of it is common sense, trying to go minimalist and top that off with a few luxury items that one doesn’t really need but would make things so much more fun!

I thought I’d share our current list to help anyone that wants to do something similar, but mostly, it is to get your input on what you think might be missing. I know quite a few people that have been travelling/backpacking for a longer period and would love your wisdom. Pretty please.

As I said the list below is still a work in progress until we have done some test packing. Also, I know that we don’t need a camera, a phone and an iPad/laptop. They have a purpose and I am still debating with myself if I’m going to take all of it or cut it by at least 1 device.

And ladies, what did you do for that time of the month? Did you pack it all upfront? Help a woman out!
[UPDATE 04-2018: I had a lot of feedback on this. I am still debating how I’ll do it and will experiment with a cup before travel upon recommendation of a friend who said that it worked well for her.]

[UPDATE 08-2018] I attached the list as a Packing list in case it’s helpful for you and you find it easier having it on paper to cross things off as you pack.

Things I want to change or get better at in 2018

2018 changes

My very first blog post last year was about my goals for 2017. I managed to achieve them more or less, though half way through the year, I realised that some of the things I had put on my list didn’t have high priority anymore and they started to become a chore rather than something I liked doing. This is why I am not going to set hard goals per se. Rather, I am aiming to change or improve a few things this year.