Things I want to change or get better at in 2018

2018 changes

My very first blog post last year was about my goals for 2017. I managed to achieve them more or less, though half way through the year, I realised that some of the things I had put on my list didn’t have high priority anymore and they started to become a chore rather than something I liked doing. This is why I am not going to set hard goals per se. Rather, I am aiming to change or improve a few things this year.

Hello world, hello 2017!

Isa at Tate Modern

Let me introduce myself, to you, my hopefully avid future readers. I am a thirty (soon ‘something’) London-dweller. I moved to this fascinating city a little over 3 years ago from Doha, Qatar with my husband. (I might be able to link to his blog some time soon, as he has expressed his desire to blog as well.) Now, looking back, I would definitely say that I encountered the good old reverse culture shock coming back to Europe, but we have finally started to get some footing over the past year making this spot our new base for adventures.