Things I want to change or get better at in 2018

2018 changes

My very first blog post last year was about my goals for 2017. I managed to achieve them more or less, though half way through the year, I realised that some of the things I had put on my list didn’t have high priority anymore and they started to become a chore rather than something I liked doing. This is why I am not going to set hard goals per se. Rather, I am aiming to change or improve a few things this year.

A (Foodie) Weekend in Brighton

Brighton weekend beach

My mum pointed out the other day that whenever I go to a place, I find a nice (sometimes unusual) restaurant, some new snacks, dessert places and what not. Basically, I find food and I like to experience new places through food, culture and people. I think it can be magical to fill your belly with delicious food. It puts me in a good mood for whatever I’ll do next.
And yes, sometimes I am that person that has just had breakfast and thinks about what I’ll have for lunch and dinner.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that our weekend trip in Brighton was mostly about food with a little nap at the beach.

Trip to Lanzarote – César Manrique Island

Lanzarote Arrieta May 2017

A month ago we decided to take a last minute trip to Lanzarote. It’s been on my list of travel destinations for absolutely ages. My parents went there in the 90s and told me all about volcanoes and César Manrique and ever since they planted the seed, I’ve been dreaming of visiting this volcanic island one day.

So my husband and I made it happen over the bank holiday weekend adding a few extra days to both ends. Also, the price of bitcoin increased, so it just seemed the perfect timing to finance our trip by selling one.