Vegan Mac & Cheese – When You Don’t Want To Feel Quite As Guilty

vegan mac and cheese

I love pasta! I mean, who doesn’t really, but my ideal comfort food is anything pasta related and when I came across recipes for a plant-based mac and cheese, I thought I’d experiment and put my own twist on in.

I feel slightly less guilty stuffing my face with this on a cosy night watching a movie. I don’t feel as “ugh” afterwards and I know there was at something nutritious in it. Basically a perfect Sunday night meal to have.

We Have An Elderberry Tree…

Elderberry and Blackberry Jam

…so I made blackberry and elderberry jam!

If there are any other nutters out there and you have a ton of time to spare, then this one is for you!

My neighbour and Google enlightened me this year, that the massive tree we have in the garden is, in fact, an elderberry tree. By the time I googled what to make of elderberries, the flowers had gone and so I waited for the berries to make something easy like jam.

Recipe: A Simple Kind of Hummus

hummus serving example

When living in Qatar, I had no idea how easy it would be to make my own hummus. Granted, it is never going to be as good as some of the hummus I had over there, but it is still pretty great. I couldn’t imagine living without it and it has become somewhat of a weekly staple for us.
Disclaimer, I like mine with a garlic and lemon taste, so if you want to be a bit cautious, add less of them to begin with and taste test.