For Sale – Special Editions of the Fox and Camel Greetings Cards

Limited Editions Fox Camel Greeting Cards

A couple of weeks ago my shop went live with the fox and the camel greetings cards. There is also a post to go along with it, if you fancy a quick read.

I mentioned, that I’d be doing some special editions and they are now available.

The Green Camel comes in different shades of, you guessed it, green. I kept the main colour from the original greetings card in the centre.

The green camel 3x3 limited edition
The Camel in shades of green

I applied the same principle with The Pink Fox.

Pink Fox 3x3 Special Edition
The Fox in shades of pink

They are available now in the shop.

The Fox and The Camel

Greeting Cards Fox Camel

…walk into a bar…

Just kidding!

I’ve done it, look, ma, my first greetings cards are done and online!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve got a little shop on here and if any of you fancy it, head on over and grab some.
It is still very rudimentary, covering only the basics, so bear with me whilst I get this place spruced up a little.Continue reading

IKEA Hack – Sideboard

Animal Knobs

Oh the amounts of times I’ve been walking the winding roads of IKEA, getting lost in short cuts and inventing various hacks I could be doing. I bet I am not the only one who’s been wanting to do this for ages. Browsing Pinterest or IKEA Hackers can lead to many afternoons spent down the rabbit hole…but it’s oh so inspiring. So much so, that after hours of searching for the “perfect” sideboard, I decided to give this hacking thing a go. Also, all the sideboards that I liked, fit within the dimensions needed and were somewhat practical cost about £600 and up. *shakeshead* Not what I had in mind spending on this thing.

It took me well longer than expected (doesn’t everything take longer than ever imagined?!), but the results are in and, ta da, I squeaked at the sight of it all being put together.Continue reading

House Renovation: Emptying and Cleaning Out

house renovation

A little over two years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to not only buy one house in the south of France, but two. Yes, I know, this sounds very romantic and all, but… The two houses needed a lot of attention. I say that in the past tense, because the first house was finished last summer thanks to my oh-we-love-renovating-old-houses parents. It’s beautiful, it’s yellow and you can have a look at a whole lot of photos from the renovations here.

Now on to the second house. I guess you can still call it a house. It has walls and floors (on most levels) and someone did live in it. Mind you, when we got the assessment, it was rated as non-habitable. To this day, I don’t understand how someone could have lived in such conditions at all. There was an old man living there before with dogs and chicken (possibly rats and mice and other things). Continue reading

Card #1 – The Fox

fox greeting card

Remember how one of my goals for this year was to get 5 cards online for sale? Well here comes card design number 1 that I am very proud of, I have to say. I think for using rather unprofessional tools to get to this final piece of art, it is one of my favourite ones I have ever done.

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