Sun and feeding ducks

Duck feeding wandsworth park

This weekend was sunny and cold, perfect winter weather to go on a walk, get your thoughts cleared up and have a chat over coffee.

And because I am adult enough (and my local park has a café that sells duck and swan food), I figured, why not feed the ducks. I know that they probably get enough kids wanting to throw food at them, but it was relaxing and satisfying enough to do this two days in a row.

Snow, family and a headache

Snow in Göteborg 2018

This is going to be a short one cause I am currently having a headache and I should probably sleep it off. Also, how do people with regular headaches do this? I get a headache maybe once a year, twice max, and it is literally knocking me out and I am pretty sure it is not even a very strong one by comparison.

DeliverConf 2018

Reality Deliver Conference

Last week I attended DeliverConf in Manchester, a conference all about project delivery or in other words “a conference for people who strive to lead, inspire and deliver value with their teams”. It had been a couple of full on weeks, so going to a city I’ve never been before and getting the opportunity to get a fresh perspective on things were certainly welcome.

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