Goodbye 2017, you’ve been a ride!

best nine goodbye 2017

Yes, I am following the trend of sappy “goodbye 2017” posts, cause it’s good for ya, cathartic and, boy, have I done a lot this year!

As with anything, you tend to forget things that happened 1 month ago, don’t even try to pull out memories from 11 months ago. So instead of sipping on some gin, I went through my photos and blog posts to remind myself what I have been up to.

This is not a blog post

I’ve been writing a blog post every week for almost a year and at some point the engine is running out. This week, it’s come to the point where I had absolutely no idea or inspiration about what I could write about in a matter of a few hours.

There are a lot of things I’d like to try to write about, however, I’d need more time. This seems to be the general theme and so here I am writing about how I wasn’t going to write anything ’cause my brain has left the building.

Beginning of the week, we came back from New York (note to self: upload the photos), thought we had conquered jet lag by the evening (fools!), both were out for work all week and I attended a fantastic Christmas work party in Canterbury.

So when the weekend finally came around on Friday evening, other things such as sleeping, eating and whipping the flat back in an acceptable state were more important.

I’ll be off now and watching another episode of The Crown (which is bloody brilliant).