Christmas Shop Is Open

Christmas Greetings Cards

The first cards are in the Christmas Shop.

It probably feels very early for some to even be thinking about this, but, ya know, it’s almost November.
I posted a poll on Instagram earlier today and there were clear winners for the bird, though I could not bring myself to not do the fluffy owl in red and grey.

So here they are! I hope you all like them and may they bring a smile to whoever receives them.

Vegan Mac & Cheese – When You Don’t Want To Feel Quite As Guilty

vegan mac and cheese

I love pasta! I mean, who doesn’t really, but my ideal comfort food is anything pasta related and when I came across recipes for a plant-based mac and cheese, I thought I’d experiment and put my own twist on in.

I feel slightly less guilty stuffing my face with this on a cosy night watching a movie. I don’t feel as “ugh” afterwards and I know there was at something nutritious in it. Basically a perfect Sunday night meal to have.

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