We Have An Elderberry Tree…

Elderberry and Blackberry Jam

…so I made blackberry and elderberry jam!

If there are any other nutters out there and you have a ton of time to spare, then this one is for you!

My neighbour and Google enlightened me this year, that the massive tree we have in the garden is, in fact, an elderberry tree. By the time I googled what to make of elderberries, the flowers had gone and so I waited for the berries to make something easy like jam.

What I Got Up To (7th – 13th August)

Animals on sofa

This week was busy. Not just lots of stuff to do busy, but people busy. I think I had major social interactions every single day and it was great! And even better was today, where I didn’t talk to anyone and just potted around the house tidying the remnants of the week.

Monday started off with meeting a couple of friends from Doha, who both happen to be back in London as of a month ago! I was great to see them and hope to get together more often again now that we’re geographically in the same area.
Also on Monday, I had another cortisol test and the results weren’t quite as good as last time, but I was told to stop taking hydrocortisone and see how it goes. Yay! (if all goes well weaning me off the pills)

From Wednesday morning to today, we had a full house with friends from Sweden and their 2 year old. For it being a full house, it was rather relaxing. Me not really caring about what I’d find at the end of the week hidden away in cupboards or the general disappearance or misplacements of things were also contributing factors.

Oskar and animals

Oskar cooking
We managed to get the 2 year old to cook…
Oskar shoes
Organise our shoes…
Oskar stickers
…and play hide and seek with stickers.

Amidst all that, I went for a bunch of job interviews.

I think the coming week will be a little calmer.


Recipe: A Simple Kind of Hummus

hummus serving example

When living in Qatar, I had no idea how easy it would be to make my own hummus. Granted, it is never going to be as good as some of the hummus I had over there, but it is still pretty great. I couldn’t imagine living without it and it has become somewhat of a weekly staple for us.
Disclaimer, I like mine with a garlic and lemon taste, so if you want to be a bit cautious, add less of them to begin with and taste test.

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