Recipe: Runner Beans and Potato Curry

bean potato curry recipe plant-based

I love a good curry from time to time, especially since some of our spices are still from Doha, which I bought in bagful before we left. It just makes cooking them that much more special. I use the term curry loosely; pretty sure the types of curries I do are very westernised, but still very tasty.

This one only takes about 20 minutes, so it’s brilliant if you don’t have a lot of time.

A (Foodie) Weekend in Brighton

Brighton weekend beach

My mum pointed out the other day that whenever I go to a place, I find a nice (sometimes unusual) restaurant, some new snacks, dessert places and what not. Basically, I find food and I like to experience new places through food, culture and people. I think it can be magical to fill your belly with delicious food. It puts me in a good mood for whatever I’ll do next.
And yes, sometimes I am that person that has just had breakfast and thinks about what I’ll have for lunch and dinner.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that our weekend trip in Brighton was mostly about food with a little nap at the beach.

Plant-Based Food For A Week From A Veg and Fruit Box

veg and fruit box overview

I’ve shifted my eating habits to being more plant-based over the past year and a half and have enjoyed discovering more variety of food and cooking. Sometimes, it is certainly a challenge, but I love the creativity that comes with having to come up with meals based on only a few items in the fridge. It reminds me of that UK TV show, way back when, where the audience brought items for 10£ and 2 chefs had to compete and cook something in 15 minutes (green tomatoes vs red tomatoes?).

My husband wrote a post about what a plant-based lifestyle is, if you fancy more of a read on that. I thought I’d take you on a bit of a different journey.

How My Brain Surgery Affected My Confidence & Fitness

short hair after brain surgery

As mentioned in my previous post, this will be the last one in my brain surgery and recovery blog post series. Specifically, this is about confidence after a brain surgery and getting strong and healthy again.

Confidence after brain surgery

Right after surgery, I wasn’t really up for looking at myself in the mirror, partly because I didn’t want to face Frankenstein impersonated by yours truly, but also, because I was afraid I wouldn’t recognise myself. When I finally did look at myself, I did see me, but I also didn’t see me.

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