Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Marino Marini Cavaliere Art Basel

This week, I drove to Art Basel with my mum. It was a spontaneous decision we took last week, and since it was such a last-minute trip, we drove there from Fitou, France. It took us about 9 hours there and even more hours back, so we had a lot of time to talk about life and other things.

One topical issue we discussed is related to Brexit. It should be a question, or several, to answer from time to time regardless, but the Brexit thing sure speeds things up with all its uncertainties.

How Did I Recover At Home After Brain Surgery?

at ahome after brain surgery

I have written quite a few posts about my meningioma and brain surgery over the past months. If you are interested in this or are going through something similar, please have a read. I do hope that it’ll help you understand and possibly be less scared and more positive.

It’s been about 8 months and 2 weeks since the surgery and yes, it took me this long to digest and write about it. This is the penultimate post about it, unless I get a sudden brain wave of what I need to share or I get questions in the future that I haven’t answered.

I’ve tried to pinpoint things that stood out to me during my recovery over a 3-4 month period. After that, your body and brain start getting back to normal with some occasional kinks in the system.

Trip to Lanzarote – César Manrique Island

Lanzarote Arrieta May 2017

A month ago we decided to take a last minute trip to Lanzarote. It’s been on my list of travel destinations for absolutely ages. My parents went there in the 90s and told me all about volcanoes and César Manrique and ever since they planted the seed, I’ve been dreaming of visiting this volcanic island one day.

So my husband and I made it happen over the bank holiday weekend adding a few extra days to both ends. Also, the price of bitcoin increased, so it just seemed the perfect timing to finance our trip by selling one.

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