My Week In the Hospital After Brain Surgery


I stayed in the hospital for 9 more days after my brain surgery. Some doctor almost threw me out exactly a week after my brain surgery, but my body said no and I was given 2 more days. In average, they say it is between one week to 10 days, which does not seem like a whole lot of time considering someone just cut your brain open.

I covered my initial 24 hours after brain surgery in a previous post plunging into some detail about various things from eating and drinking to catheters. Really delightful.Continue reading

For Sale – Special Editions of the Fox and Camel Greetings Cards

Limited Editions Fox Camel Greeting Cards

A couple of weeks ago my shop went live with the fox and the camel greetings cards. There is also a post to go along with it, if you fancy a quick read.

I mentioned, that I’d be doing some special editions and they are now available.

The Green Camel comes in different shades of, you guessed it, green. I kept the main colour from the original greetings card in the centre.

The green camel 3x3 limited edition
The Camel in shades of green

I applied the same principle with The Pink Fox.

Pink Fox 3x3 Special Edition
The Fox in shades of pink

They are available now in the shop.

The Fox and The Camel

Greeting Cards Fox Camel

…walk into a bar…

Just kidding!

I’ve done it, look, ma, my first greetings cards are done and online!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve got a little shop on here and if any of you fancy it, head on over and grab some.
It is still very rudimentary, covering only the basics, so bear with me whilst I get this place spruced up a little.Continue reading