Voilà, le side table – only took a year!

DIY side table

What do you do when your chopping boards are a bit grim and need replacing? You make a side table, naturally.

It all started with a vision. A vision to create something beautiful and avoid going to the recycling station. I was envisioning a win-win scenario whereby I could let flow my creative juices, make something out of, let face it, junk and save the environment by not throwing perfectly good wooden IKEA chopping boards away.

House renovation – more cement floor and plastering walls

house renovation filling a hole

It has been quite a while since I shared an update of our house renovations. The last time I wrote about what we got up to we started with the cement floor in the cellar. Since then, my parents have removed an asbestos pipe and put in a new waste water pipe, removed a concrete pillar and replaced it with a wooden pillar, added a water connection and continued with the concrete floor until the beginning of the staircase to the upper floor.

Sewing with two left hands

Sewing pillow case south of France

I was going to write about Call Me by Your Name (go read the book, it’s beautifully written. Then watch the movie), but I have something else that I need to get off my chest. It is by no means more important than discussing the contents of the aforementioned book and movie, but it’s taking up my mind as of this morning more so than what I’ve read through the past month.

Sun and feeding ducks

Duck feeding wandsworth park

This weekend was sunny and cold, perfect winter weather to go on a walk, get your thoughts cleared up and have a chat over coffee.

And because I am adult enough (and my local park has a café that sells duck and swan food), I figured, why not feed the ducks. I know that they probably get enough kids wanting to throw food at them, but it was relaxing and satisfying enough to do this two days in a row.

Snow, family and a headache

Snow in Göteborg 2018

This is going to be a short one cause I am currently having a headache and I should probably sleep it off. Also, how do people with regular headaches do this? I get a headache maybe once a year, twice max, and it is literally knocking me out and I am pretty sure it is not even a very strong one by comparison.